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At Noah’s Park we understand that learning is a highly individualized process. At any given time, a peek into one of our classrooms will show students learning in many ways—movement and music, engaging conversations, quiet listening, and exciting discovery.

Additionally, we love to teach about God’s Word.  Students of every age are learning songs about Jesus and are hearing the wonderful stories from the Bible.  We pray together before every meal, and our students leave Noah’s Park knowing of our Heavenly Father’s amazing love.


Our infants are learning and growing each day!  Their day is full of music, singing, and lots of cuddles.  Each baby is given individual attention with lots and lots of talking and singing.  Toys are visually stimulating and age-appropriate.  Infants have daily supervised tummy time to begin building those important muscles required for gross motor movement.


The toddler age is such an amazing time of brain growth and development.  Our toddlers enjoy lots of active play time during their day.  At this age they are also being introduced to shapes and colors, numbers, and the alphabet.  Important social and life skills are being learned as they begin to explore and discover their special place in this big, big world.


Our twos are busy, busy, busy, little folks! They are learning important life skills and are learning how to be a friend.  Fine motor skills are being acquired as they are learning to hold and use crayons and scissors.  Their days are full of active play, music, and tons of movement!  Colors and shapes are learned, and letters and numbers are being introduced.


Our three-year-olds begin learning daily about letters, numbers, shapes, and colors in different and inventive ways that engage the mind and body.  At this age, fine motor skills are honed in creative ways, and they begin to learn to use crayons, markers, scissors, and glue.  They are learning about science and the world around them with fun learning themes for each week.  Free art time and dramatic play spark creativity.  Supervised free play options engage imagination and enhance social awareness.


In 4K, our students are busy all day long with learning and play.  Our curriculum introduces new letters and numbers each week, and our students are growing those fine motor skills in new ways!  They are having fun during craft time by learning to color, cut, and glue.  They are making discoveries and learning about God’s amazing creation with engaging science and social studies lessons.  Weekly themes keep learning fun and exciting.  Dramatic play and supervised free play keeps the day fun, encourages creativity, and help to build important social skills.


Kindergarten at Noah’s Park is a busy place!  Our students enjoy daily lessons in reading, phonics, writing, and math.  Our phonics and reading curriculum is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and our math curriculum is published by Eureka.  Both of these are used by the local public school systems in our area.  Students are also challenged and engaged with weekly lessons in science, social studies, art, and STEM.  Reading is a very important part of our day, and each student spends part of every day reading with the teacher one-on-one or in very small groups.  Our small kindergarten class sizes ensure that each and every child is given individualized instruction.